Smoke & Fire Damage

The Smoke And Fire Damage Restoration Process: What To Expect

Life after a residential or commercial fire can be devastating. Picking up the pieces can be a lengthy, painful process. For this reason, it’s usually advisable for victims to seek the assistance of smoke and fire restoration experts to ensure a faster, smoother recovery process. Located in Chambersburg, ServiceMaster Restore provides professional smoke and fire damage restoration services in Franklin, Fulton, & Cumberland counties in Pennsylvania.

How We Handle Restorations: The Process

Step 1: Emergency Contact – As soon as the firefighters are gone, call us to report the incident. The longer you wait, the worse the damage gets.

Step 2: Inspection and assessment of the damage – Upon arrival, our professionals will use special tools to assess the scope of the fire and smoke damage. An accurate assessment is critical to a flawless restoration process.

Step 3: Board-up and roof-tarp – To maintain security and prevent further damage, we board up missing windows, doors, and walls and place tarps on damaged roofs.

Step 4: Water removal – We use dehumidifiers and air movers among other equipment to remove leftover water to facilitate the drying process.

Step 5: Removal of soot and smoke from surfaces – Soot and smoke on the walls, ceiling, and other surfaces is then removed within the shortest time possible.

Step 6: Debris removal, cleaning, and general sanitation – Once the water and smoke have been removed, we move to cleaning and sanitizing any restorable items. Any water or soot on these items is removed using scrubbing equipment and fogging devices with deodorizers.

Step 7: Restoration – If the building faces minor or major damage after the fire, we will quickly and efficiently reconstruct it to its previous condition.

Services We Provide:

• Board-up and winterization
• Carpet, Upholstery, and Floor Cleaning
• Construction and Repair Services
• Document and Artwork Restoration
• Electronic Equipment Restoration
• Emergency Response 24/7/365
• Full Service Project Management
• Garment and Textile Restoration
• HVAC Cleaning and Restoration
• Insurance Claim Coordination
• Pack-Out and Storage
• Temporary Power and Climate Control
• Wall Cleaning and Media Blasting

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